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Monday, June 21, 2010

Team Irelands Sucess

I would just like to offer my deepest congratulations to the 40K Team Ireland after their magnificant performance in winning the recent Home Nations championship last weekend. Lead by an outstanding performance by Team Captain Paul Quigley. Who along with DGG clubmates Darragh Cullen & Mike Tangney went undefeated for the entire event shows a true example of leading by example.

Paul (See Below) who is obviously very happy with the team performance said:

Well done to the lads on their stellar performance, they made being captain a much easier job

Paul at the 2007 40K Irish GT.

So well done again Lads and Good Luck with the ETC in Germany. (NO PRESSURE) LOL


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Chaos Predator Part 1

Like it says on the tin this article will be a step by step guide to assembling and painting the chaos predator tank by GW. It will be split over 2 parts. Part one will deal with the assembly and preperation, while part 2 will deal with the actual painting.

My chaos predator in its box.

The first step is to ensure all the parts are there. GW are generally excellent in this regard. I personally have only come across 1 incident of missing parts but all it took was a quick trip back to the shop where I was issued with a replacement blister without query.

Everything seems to be present.

Next thing you need are of course the tools of the trade. For this project I used the following tools:

A pair of Snips
A Flat Needle File
A Craft Knife
GW Plastic Glue (An excellent Product)

The tools I used.

So I started by making the Turret first. I wanted this particular predator to be assembled with the lascannon turret & sponsons for taking out heavy vehicles (Leman Russ Tanks, Landraiders, Monoliths) or monstorous creatures (Rival Greater Daemons or Hive Tyrants).

The finished Turret

Next up came the sponsons. As with the turret I made sure to be extra careful with the glue to make sure that I didn't stick together any parts that are ment to move or rotate by mistake.

The left & Right Sponsons.

The final part of the assembly was the main body of the tank itself. The hardest part of this is probably the tracks. They are not interchangeable so the L tracks have to go on the Left side while the R tracks go on the right (When looking at the rear of the vehicle). Once the main part is done you can add on any extra optional parts that you want, such as the smoke launchers, god specific symbols or the spikes and chains.




Other Side

As you can see I have taken it easy on the extras as the more detail you add the more you have to paint. Once the tank is assembled and you have given the glue a chance to finally set (5-10 mins only). The next step is to spray it. As most of the colors are going to be dark or metallic I sprayed it Black. The spray I used was the Army Painter Black Spray for 2 reasons.

1. Its cheaper than the GW (€10 as opposed to €12.50). Based on Gamersworld prices)
2. I think it gives better coverage than the GW equivilent.

The Sprayed tank.

As you can see I still have not attached the sponsons. This is to allow me to get at the parts of the tank that are covered by them and the inner parts of the lascannons easier.

I hope this has been some help to you and I will see you soon with part 2, the painting of the model.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

As one of the most critically acclaimed shooters of all time, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a prime example of a tough act to follow. Yet, amidst a raging storm of anticipation and expectation, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has done it. The new campaign is chock-full of intense action and dramatic moments, and though it is more muddled than its predecessor (in more ways than one), it's still an absolute blast. The new Special Ops mode allows you to experience some campaign-inspired thrills with a friend and it's an engaging challenge to coordinate your maneuvers and tackle the varied objectives. Last but not least, the competitive multiplayer that took the online shooter community by storm two years ago is back. Though the addictive action remains the same at its core, there are a host of new elements that make matches more accessible, more strategic, and more rewarding. Unfortunately, these improvements are marred by limited online flexibility that may leave the PC shooter community out in the cold.

Minigun Pictures, Images and Photos

If you compare Modern Warfare 2 on the PC to its console counterparts, the game is every bit as awesome and enjoyable. Yet when compared to other online shooters on the PC, the multiplayer component is decidedly limited. Players cannot set up dedicated servers to host their own custom-tuned matches, and the player count for each match has been capped at 18 as opposed to the possible 64-player matches of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Furthermore, there is no support for user-created content, so rather than enjoying free mods and community maps, PC users will have to pay for downloadable content. And the money issues don't stop there: Modern Warfare 2 costs $10 more than most full-price PC games. Paying more and getting less is abhorrent to consumers, and this deterrent, along with the online restrictions, make Modern Warfare 2 much less appealing from a multiplayer perspective. Yet despite this disappointment, there is still a lot to love about the online multiplayer, and the other elements of the game remain unblemished.

The campaign picks up where its predecessor left off, and there's a new violent ultranationalist terrorist on the scene. Once again, you play as a few different soldiers who are part of the effort to make the world a safer place. Your missions take you around the world to a number of exotic locations and engage you in a variety of different conflicts, ranging from stealthy and silenced to crowded and cacophonous. The action is smooth and exhilarating, thanks to sharp shooting and movement mechanics that allow you to be as quick and deadly as your skills permit. Environments are well designed and detailed, though many textures don't look particularly good upon close inspection. Modern Warfare 2 isn't a beautiful game, but it looks great in action. The diverse levels not only provide varied sights, but they are also cleverly designed to allow the action to flow at an exciting pace. Opportunities for cover and flanking present themselves naturally, allowing you to move through the battlefield in a variety of fluid ways. The aggressive enemy AI will keep you on your toes, and achieving your hard-earned success is satisfying.

Modern Warfare 2's campaign, like that of its predecessor, is quite short, and you'll likely finish it in about five hours. Though it is disappointing that there isn't more of it, what you do get is a relentless barrage of tight combat and thrilling set pieces. In one early level, you man the turret of a Humvee patrolling the claustrophobic streets of a Middle Eastern city. Enemies seem to be around every corner, but you are ordered not to fire until fired upon. The tension builds, and once you are engaged by the enemy, all hell breaks loose. After a hectic (and unsuccessful) flight from danger, you end up fighting door-to-door in the streets and ruined buildings. This frantic combat ratchets up when you head to the slums of Rio de Janeiro and reaches a whole new level when you find yourself engaged in similarly intense firefights on the grassy lawns and paved driveways of suburban America. The fight on the home front has some very cool moments, but it doesn't mean you're done adventuring abroad. A dramatic prison rescue, a marine infiltration, and a snowmobile chase are just some of the other exhilarating moments that make this campaign so enjoyable.


Though completing the campaign is an intensely satisfying and exciting endeavor, you may not feel very triumphant when all is said and done. Modern Warfare 2 features some dark plot turns, and your missions sometimes have drastic unintended consequences. In one mission in particular, you infiltrate a terrorist cell and are called upon to do the kind of things that terrorists do. What follows is a neutered attempt at portraying the grim reality of terrorism, and concessions are put in place to keep the plot from getting too dark. Despite these limits, the scene in question is undeniably disturbing and undermines your sense of remaining on high moral ground. The game gives you the option to skip this particular level entirely, but the shocking consequences of this grim mission ripple throughout the game, making it difficult to feel like a hero. Subsequent developments further muddle your overall objective, and it doesn't help that many of the subtleties and connecting threads are mumbled during voice-overs between missions. The plot ends up being a bit disorienting, and you may get the feeling that, rather than being the tip of the spear, you are just along for the ride.

If you're looking for some campaign-style action that is unburdened by any sort of plot, then Special Ops is the place to go. The timed missions are campaign excerpts from Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare that you can play solo or online with a friend. The missions cover a variety of objectives, which include surviving waves of enemies, moving from point A to point B stealthily (or not), eliminating a certain number of enemies, and racing snowmobiles. You earn a rating based on your completion time or difficulty level and unlock new missions as you progress. Though the missions will adjust to allow you to play solo, Special Ops missions are made to be played cooperatively. Two guns are better than one when clearing out a crowded slum full of enemy combatants, and coordinating a simultaneous sniper attack is much more fun when you are counting down with a buddy. There are also a few missions in which one player uses an airborne vehicle-mounted gun to clear the path for the other player on the ground, and these are frantic and explosively awesome. There is no matchmaking, however, so if you don't have any friends online and need a teammate, you'll have to go fishing in the multiplayer lobbies. As is the nature of cooperative play, missions can fall flat if teammates don't communicate or go off on their own. It can be tough to find a communicative teammate who is willing to let one player take point, but it is certainly worth the effort. When you have a strong team assembled, cooperative play is uniquely fun, and Special Ops provides a great variety of engaging missions.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Passing of a Star

It is with deep regret that we the management of Northern Rampage report the unfortunate demise of one of our leading players. Despite heroic efforts by our team Apothecary; Frenzy McBlock (pictured below) passed away due to injuries sustained in last nights 3-1 defeat at the hands of the Solstheim Strikers. Luckily Frenzy didn't have any family but he will still be surely missed.

Frenzy McBlock in happier days.

On a lighter note We the Northern Rampage management team are pleased to announce the recent purchase of a new Chaos Warrior. Noob McRookie (pictured below) will take his place on the team in the next match.

Northern Rampage's newest recruit Noob McRookie.

For more information regarding the match please visit:


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Star Wars Force Unleashed (Wii)

Star Wars Force unleashed is a 3rd person view action game set in the Star Wars universe between episodes III and IV. You play Darth Vaders secret apprentice who's mission is to hunt down and kill the last few remaining Jedi Knights. With plenty of goon bashing, boss fights and cool looking cut scenes (See Below) in my personal opinion it is a good outing in a familiar setting.

Depending on the difficulty level chosen and the skill of the player the single player campaign should take approx 6 hours to complete with your female co-pilot leading you on a whirlwind tour of the Star Wars galaxy including some very familiar spots. With a satisfying conclusion where you get to take on 2 very famous SW personalities (I wont ruin it for those who haven't played it) all in all a very enjoyable game.

The only down side is that the interface in the Wii version is a bit of a let down as you soon realize that the most sucessful way to battle your way through the levels is random swishing of the remote/ nunchuck as some of the combo actions can be tricky to accomplish and generally not worth the effort, especially when you can choke/ Force lightening/ saber bash your way through the levels with relative ease.

18 Pictures, Images and Photos

Here are some cheat codes and their effects to help you through.

LIGHTSABER Your Lightsaber one hit kills all normal enemies
SPEEDER 1,000,000 Force Points
VERGENCE Unlimited Force Power
TYRANUS Unlock all Force Powers
KATARN Max all Force Powers

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Retro Review

This is a review of Midnight Resistance, probably one of my favorite computer games as a kid. It also holds the distinct honor of being the first game I ever finished.

The player takes control of a commando who is out to rescue his kidnapped family, including his scientist grandfather who is being forced to create a weapon which will give the antagonist of the game, known only as "the Commissar", the power to take over the Earth. In the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis version, the commando, known as Johnny Ford is on a solo mission to destroy the reign of the entity known as "The Crimson King" who kidnapped his family because Johnny's Father, Malcolm Ford created a serum which could make people immune to the addicting effects of drugs.

Midnight Resistance Pictures, Images and Photos

Gameplay is consistent with this genre: multi-directional shooting, fast action oriented gameplay, different weapons upgrades, and big mid- and end-of-level bosses. One or two players take on the role of two commando brothers whose entire family has been kidnapped and must be rescued. The game's eight large, eight-way scrolling levels are made up of platforms, ledges and ladders; each populated both with enemy soldiers and with intricate, imaginatively designed enemy machinery. As the players make their way through a level, they will be able to pick up red 'keys' - which are left behind by defeated enemies; collecting these keys will allow the players to upgrade their weapons at the shop that awaits at the end of each level. Two sorts of weapons can be obtained; regular weapons which are the ones you fire in eight directions and special weapons which are fired by pressing the fire button while the joystick is pulled up. The joystick is also rotatable for making it easier for players to point their fire arms wherever they want to shoot.

During stages of Midnight Resistance, keys can be picked up from certain enemies when they die, at the end of each stage these keys can be used to purchase weapons and upgrades.

Full Auto- allows the fire button to be held down instead of pressed and gives a faster rate of fire.
Fire - gives the player a flamethrower. When using it, the fire button may be pressed rapidly, without being held down, to produce a small stream of fire without wasting any ammunition.
Barrier - three metal objects circle the player and kill anything coming into contact with them.
3 way - causes the player to fire 3 shots as a bullet spray.
Shotgun - fires projectiles that cause decent damage to enemies and does splash damage which affects enemies adjacent to the target.
Shower - rains bullets down the screen.
Nitro - fires a bomb that explodes into 8 directional launching beams.
Homing Missile - fires five missiles that home in on the nearest enemy.
Life - extra life.
Invincibility - the player cannot be harmed for a short period of time.
Power Up - increases the number of ammunition to any equipped weapon by 500 (not special weapons).
Super Power Up - increases the range and damage capability of any equipped weapon (not special weapons).
[edit] Ports and related releases
Midnight Resistance was ported to many home consoles and computer systems of the era, including the Mega Drive/Genesis, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Atari ST and Amiga. This was handled by Special FX and Ocean in most cases. The Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum versions are of particular note and are regularly mentioned in lists of greatest games ever made for these systems. The Mega Drive/Genesis version was handled by Data East themselves and was most notable for the slightly altered soundtrack. This was one of the earlier examples of a home console trumping arcade hardware when it came to audio.

The Spectrum version had a completely redesigned, chunky, cartoony style to it. It had push screen scrolling and very few on-screen colours due to hardware limitations, but it is considered by many to be one of the stand out technical achievements for the hardware and was awarded a score of 90% in Sinclair User and 93% in CRASH magazine. It was also included in their 100 best Spectrum games ever made, reaching number 10. The Commodore version stayed relatively faithful to the original arcade version. It was critically acclaimed by most publications of the time and gained a score of 90% from Zzap!64 Magazine. It was also featured in their top 100 C64 games ever made. The ZX Spectrum version was ported to the Amstrad CPC in a stripped down version as was common for the era, due to the two computers sharing the same processor. It is missing the music and colour of the 128 Spectrum version and has less buyable weapons at the end of each stage. it achieved a review of 86% in Amstrad Action magazine.

See you next time


Friday, June 4, 2010

The Battle for The Cathedral of St Patius

Here is a Scenario for 40K

The Battle for The Cathedral of St Patius

Eire III is a small Agri-World in the Europa System. Its capital city Duvling is famous for the Cathedral of St Patius, a local hero who died shortly after the Horus Heresy. Unfortunately Eire III has recently fallen to the Forces of Chaos. A small but powerful renegade fleet lead by the Chaos Lord Artouris Regius assaulted the planet and quickly over-ran the local PDF Regiments. Artouris’ associate the Chaos Sorcerer Merling is currently performing a ritual on the ruins of the great Cathedral while the forces of the Imperium race to stop him.

Chaos: 2000 points Chaos Marines + 1 chaos sorcerer & 500 points Chaos Daemons (See special rules)
Imperial: 2000 points Imperial Guard + 1 Inquisitor Lord, Retinue & Rhino Transport

Special Rules:

Gathering of Imperial Might: The imperial player may take 0-1 Troops from any other Imperial Army list (Space Marines, Daemon-hunters, Witch-hunters Etc.) as an Elites Choice at the normal point cost.

Warp Field: Until the ceremony is finished Merling is protected by a powerful Warp field giving him a 2+ invulnerable save against all shooting. The field also reduces the strength of any shot fired at Merling by 2 (Lasgun now Str 1, Lascannon Str 7 etc) But as soon as the ceremony is finished the Warp field drops. The final effect of the warp field is that any units from either side that are summoned, Teleported, deep struck, deployed by drop pod or scatter to within 12” of Merling automatically roll on the Deep Strike mishap table.

Ceremony of Summoning: Merling is attempting to open a permanent warp-gate. To do so at the end of every imperial turn roll a d6 per turn played (Turn 1 = 1d6, Turn 2 = 2d6 etc) add the result to the number of models that have been killed so far in the battle (Not including vehicles) on both sides. If the result is greater than 30 then the ceremony is successful and the entire tables becomes a giant icon allowing the daemon force to arrive anywhere on the table (except within 1” of enemy unit or 12” of Merling (See warp field) Until the ceremony is finished Merling can take no part in the battle. If Merling is killed before the ceremony is complete; add an additional d6 to the next roll. If it is not successful then the ceremony fails and the daemons never arrive.

Chaos United: This ceremony is so important that the Chaos gods have temporarily put aside their age old enmity. To represent this for every unmarked unit or vehicle included in the chaos army you must include a unit with a mark of one of the chaos gods. No two units may have the same mark until all 4 marks have been used.

Victory Conditions: This is a Kill point Mission With the following exceptions:
1. All kill points scored by the Daemons and the inquisitor & his retinue are doubled.
2. If Merling is killed and the daemons don’t arrive he is equal to the kill points of the daemon force + 1 for himself. If he is killed otherwise he is worth only 1.
The side with the most KP’s wins.

Chaos sets up first, Imperials go first, Chaos can’t steal initative. Game lasts 1d3+1 turns after daemons arrive or Merling is killed. Deployment is Pitched Battle.

BTW you can view a battle report of when i fought this battle with one of my mates:


A starter for 10

So I find myself entering the world of blogging and I'm like most first time Writers/ Bloggers I find myself asking the eternal question: WHAT DO I SAY FIRST? So I answer: Tell the people what to expect.

Firstly I will tell you the different categories the various posts will fall into. They will be :

40k: Articles relating to the Tabletop Wargame Warhammer 40000.
WHFB: Articles relating to the Tabletop Wargame Warhammer Fantasy Battle.
BB: Bloodbowl related articles.
WM: Articles Relating to the Tabletop Wargame Warmachine.
PCG: Articles about PC games.
ConG: Articles about Console Games (including Handheld).
RPG: Role Play Game related Articles.
CCG: Articles relating to collectible card games such as Magic The Gathering.
Retro: Ahh the memories! These articles will bring a tear to a glass eye.
GEN: Non Gaming related articles such as RW (Real World) news or personal rants.

The Articles will include Reviews, previews, Battle reports, tips & Cheats, retro Reviews, Strategy guides & interviews. there will also be plenty of pictures & Videos for your viewing pleasure.

Hope you enjoy them all