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Friday, November 4, 2011


Well its been a while to say the least. But I finally got up off my ass to start posting again on my blog. Lots has happened since my last post most of which is too boring to put up here. Down to the important stuff; Gaming!

Since I was talking to you last I have started 2 new armies in 40k and started a new gaming system as well.

The new armies are Blood Angels (Who dosen't love Superhuman space vampires) and IA7 Chaos Renegades which I am building for NWG2012. I am also attending King-Con and have to finish off painting some chaos marine stuff for it (2 Termis and my Land-Raider) so the next year or so is going to be VERY busy. I will put up the armies as they stand soon so you can see how the look and I will keep you up to date with my progress on each.

The other system I have started is Force on Force. This is a gaming systen based on real life armies from various stages of history from WWII to Vietnam to Modern day. The models we use are 1:72 scale or 20mm. So far I have a 100% record having won both starter games with my friend Greg :) he has given me some of the plastic models he doesnt want and I had some modern germans that I will add to them to make a decent sized force. (more stuff I have to paint) after I will buy some Revell 1:72 vehicles to round it off.

In other news I am pleased to announce that my 8 year old son is now hooked on playing the computer game Dawn of War and he is now collecting a 40k army of his own (Ultramarine Space Marines). To help him out I gave him by space marine stuff and Santa brought him the AoBR box set for Xmas. As part of his presents this year he is looking for the SM Batallion box which I am sure SC will have no problem in bringing.

Till next time