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Friday, December 16, 2011

Since last time

So bad news first: king con was cancelled so I still haven't painted my landraider, but I did paint the last 2 termi's.

Good news The necrons have been re-released and I love them again. some of the things they have done i don't like (destroyers got totally nerfed: 1 less shot, 1 less Strenght and move as jump infantry instead of jetbikes) but most of the stuff I love whip coils & rending for wraiths, entropic strike for scarab swarms, extra wound for spyders, mindshackle scarabs, vehicles other than the monolith, weapon options for immortals who are now troops and so on.

on the painting front I am nearly finished the 21 traitor guard I have so far I hope to get those finished along with some minor changes to the one painted ogryn and assemble the nurgle champ before xmas. My forgeworld order has been placed and I hope to have that assembled along with the the rhino and the remainder of the ogryns assembled and sprayed by end of january.

BTW I am looking for an effective but simple color scheme for my vehicles if anybody has suggestions please feel free to post up a comment. It has to suit the following list:
1 x Rhino
1 x Chimera
1 x Leman Russ
1 x Basilisk

So all thats left to buy for the Traitor guard now is 1 x guard squad, 1 x command squad, 2 x boxes of zombies and the basilisk.

Finally, I am on the scrounge again; I need 4 x termi bases and the hull lascannon for a leman russ if anybody has them lying around let me know.

Till next time


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  1. I think I can sort you out for those bits - I'll do a quick check and get back to you.